Is now a good time to lock in a fixed rate?

Is now a good time to lock in a fixed rate?

One of the most frequently asked questions I’m receiving is “Is now a good time to lock in a fixed rate?”. The thought of locking in a low fixed interest rate is an appealing option for many at the moment, but it is important to look at the pros & cons before you make your decision.


  • You’ll have a guaranteed low rate for however many years you lock it in for
  • If you’re seeking stability, this might be an option to consider


  • The banks aren’t doing this because they have a heart of gold, they’re trying to sell a product
  • If your circumstances change in the future and you’re wanting to pay your loan off quicker or switch lenders, you, unfortunately, don’t have the flexibility to do so.
  • Breaking a fixed home loan can come with a hefty cost

Everyone’s situation is different and not one solution is going to suit all. If you’re not sure what rate is right for you, give me a call on 0439 372 177 and I’ll happily run through your options with you.

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